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About us

We are a church born out of a revival in 1975. The DNA of the church is revival, and we always hunger for a move of God’s Spirit. Our leadership, our services, our approach, and our pursuit is a move of God. We seek an encounter with God. We do this in a manner where we walk with God on a daily basis and have a balanced and biblical lifestyle, but yet we want him to be King in our lives. We don’t want the predictable. We want God. We simply want God to be God, and for heaven to invade our worlds.

We believe in deliverance, healing, prophecy, in signs and wonders, and in revival. We are a church that is seeking God to invade our world that we may be His people, and the world may benefit from our walks with God. Since 1975, this body has pursued a move of God. Our church has had visiting speakers and prophets prophesy destiny over us and we continued to pursue God. We do not believe we are more special than any other churches. On the contrary, our heart is to be a blessing to the city, the region, and the pastors which serve the local churches in the area.

We love the city of Harrisonville and have a heart to love on the people, it’s leaders, and the local churches. We pray for other churches in the city to succeed. Our church was started in 1975, by a man named Jim Reimer, and the church was born out of an amazing move of God. Reimer, who is now an apostle in Portugal, says revival is the key to this church. When you get to know our people here, you will find that we are a loving and relational people. We believe in loving relationships, covenant relationships, and real kingdom life among believers is the DNA of our church.

We are excited in what God is doing in this house, and pray that you would consider visiting us and becoming friends with us.

What We Believe

What makes Us Unique?

In less than 30 seconds of reading, here’s our “mission”:

Since 1975, we have had God approach us with an assignment to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the power of God in Christ to heal the sick, restore the hurting, and illustrate His love to people in a personal matter. And, in doing this, He has put a passion in us to share this with people in our lives.


Now “how” we do this, is by empowering people with bible truths concerning what Christ has provided in Himself toward us.


“Why?”  We are centered around Christ, and believe the price He paid for us is worth committing the rest of our lives in giving Him back what He paid for.


Who we are:
We want to encounter the Glory of God!
Our heart is to see people equipped in their own ministry calling.
We watch grace change people.
We endeavor to find truth in His Word.
We believe the ministry of Jesus is bringing signs and wonders.
We believe the ministry of Jesus is healing and deliverance ministries.
We want to not only know the Scriptures about God but know the God of the Scriptures.


The type of people we want to reach:
People with spiritual hunger
Those open for the prophetic and apostolic spirit of Christ
Those wanting to grow in Truth and Spirit.
People who love God and desire to be equipped.


We simply believe there is a sovereign call on this church. We do not claim to be exclusively called in Christ. We love other churches, pastors, and leaders in the region. We need other churches and pastors in our lives.


Values of our Leadership are:

Loving God and people

We want only to do what we see the Father in heaven doing
We want to be about heaven’s agenda
It is our heart to see people equipped for destiny


Values of our Team Approach:
flow together
compensate through a variety of gifts
lead by example

Value of the Flock:
being loved
community intimacy
receiving grace and impartation
fulfilling destiny

Our Leadership:

We believe God is building a team of ministers in this house. Our main philosophy and leadership is to train and equip. We believe God has commissioned apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers, to equip believers. This means both the leadership and the church needs to be open to learning and being trained to "do" ministry in their lives. We simply want God's Will, but the Bible definition of what the local church looks like. The Bible tells us that believers are to be equipped, to do the ministry. We don't believe that people should just sit in the pews.


That is why we are building what we believe to be an apostolic team, made up of various “giftings.” We have a team approach, in order to compensate various areas of weakness and get the most out of our leadership. We train, as we listen to God teach us. We want to raise up prophets in the land who will prophesy truth and stand for justice in this hour. Our leadership is headed by Lead Pastor Rod Callen. We are a part of Church on the Rock Network of Ministers, led by Sonny Conaster. We believe in accountability, and true relationship.

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Teaching team

Pastor Rod
Pastor Nathan
Pastor Lonny

Rod Callen

Nathan Briggs

Lonny Purtle

Lead Pastor

Ministry Leaders

Yolanda, Children's Ministry Leader

Yolanda Purtle

Children's Ministry Team leader

Brittany - Worship Ministry Leader

Brittany Briggs

Worship Leader

Women's Ministry

Nathan Men's Ministry Leader

Nathan Briggs

Men's Ministry

elder team

Rod - Elder Team
Jim Elder Team

Rod Callen

Jim Doehla

Bill - Elder Team
Lonny - Elder Team

Lonny Purtle

Bill Shelton

Nathan - Elder Team

Nathan Briggs

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